I went to CrushTheMidterms and got a personalized plan of action for how to help the Resistance in this election. Go there, answer some questions and you’ll get an easy, custom-tailored plan for effective actions you can take.

Now, you’ve probably been hearing the Pod Save America guys and others urging you to get out and canvass. It’s a great way to contribute if you can. Geography and two young kids make that fairly difficult for our family. Fortunately, there are many ways to help without even leaving the house!

I’ve been writing postcards with Postcards to Voters for a few weeks now and have been ramping it up lately. I’ve even organized a few postcard writing parties. Although, I’ve gotten the most done by simply plugging away for a couple of hours each night. Once you sign up, it’s easy to get assignments of campaigns you can write for using texts or Facebook. A lot of people seem to have the impression that this involves some measure of artistic creativity in making the cards – it doesn’t. Just buy pre-printed postcards. Frankly, it already takes a good while to write all the info you need to include on each card. Protect your wrists.

Another way you can help out from home that I’ve been doing is text-banking. I signed up through Resistance Labs, but there are many different outfits out there doing it. You use an app to send hundreds of text messages to folks in targeted districts. There are only occasionally real conversations to be had, it’s mostly sending pre-written responses to help folks find their polling place or get registered. So, basically, it’s super easy and even the most introverted among us have no excuse.

You have something to contribute to what could be the most important election of our times. Time, talent or treasure ($$$), it’s all needed. So, get out there (or stay inside) and help crush the midterms!

Everything is awful all the time. But there is some beauty left in the world.

This is helping me get through the day.

Keith Jarrett Standards Trio

This is an utter tragedy. I went to sleep last night before the final results came in, a little tipsy and very frightened. My heart goes out to the thousands of people that will die because this miscreant and his malevolent cronies are going to be in charge.


We must steel ourselves for a long, hard battle, but for now I’m just feeling deeply disappointed and sad.

Also sitting in the difficult-to-sit-through-without-getting-infuriated file, is this video where men read actual comments directed at female sports reporters. The #MoreThanMean campaign is targeted to the world of sports but, of course, this harassment and abuse happens to women in all walks of life. Sit through to the end if you can, and then share the message.