Free Rice

A few of my friends have recommended a game called Free Rice. I finally played it for the first time yesterday and I’m completely sold. It’s a free vocabulary building game with a simple, yet powerful catch: every correctly answered question earns grains of rice to be distributed through the World Food Program. They say that it’s set up to actually increase the player’s vocabulary. Each correct answer will also (in addition to the rice that is) get you a harder word on the next question.

They aren’t kidding around with these words either. They start out in 12th grade English class territory and quickly move to Hal Incandenza level. I had a good roll for a while, sometimes getting by on dumb luck and sometimes making educated guesses based on Greek, Latin or French etymologies. (They seem to use a lot of words derived from the French. I mean, hebdomadally? C’mon.)

My efforts were definitely helped by my subscription to “A Word A Day,” a very nicely done daily vocabulary email that I’ve been reading for a couple of years. Strangely, I was also helped by my knowledge of medieval arms and armor; on multiple questions.

Yesterday, I earned over 3,000 grains of rice and got up to “Vocabulary Level” 50, also known as Sesquipedalian-5. So, folks, how many grains can you earn today? Go try and tell me how you do in the comments.

By the way, you can play as much as you want. Bookmark it and come back every day! You can also have it remember your vocab level and donated rice; look under “options.”