With the costs of the war now in the trillions of dollars , the countless human lives lost and ruined, and no foreseeable possibility for victory, it’s time to end the war – on drugs.

I can only hope someone will stand up and frame that question in that way to one of the presidential candidates.

The writers of the HBO series The Wire collectively suggest how the common citizen can do their part to fight the injustice that is the War on Drugs.  Some argue that this tactic, jury nullification, is problematic as a form of civil disobedience.   Others argue that it is our civic duty to judge not only the facts but the law.  This article, recently making the rounds on the internets, goes into depth about it.

Regardless, if you feel, as I do, that the War on Drugs is immoral and unethical, the first step is working towards reformation of our laws.  Contact your legislators.  Chances are that they won’t be able to do anything differently.  As the writers of The Wire point out, the system is too entrenched.  Bucking the trend towards increasing anti-drug efforts is almost surely political suicide.  Still, the alternative, remaining silent, is guaranteed to change nothing.

Speaking up for what you believe in is everyone’s right.