Al Gore presents at TEDit’s more important to change the laws.” So says Al Gore in this recently posted TED talk. Here Mr. Gore gives a powerpoint (I guess I should say keynote, but, y’know) presentation (no, not that one) about the urgency of the climate crisis – and the amazing opportunity for heroism it affords our generation.

I agree with everything Mr. Gore says here; the immediacy of the threat of global climate change, our capacity to address it, and even the techniques to do so. I saw him speak in after a showing of “An Inconvenient Truth” in DC and even there he had a clear statement about the failure of democracy to act in the face of this calamity. He pointed out some serious structural problems with the modern American system of government, specifically the overbearing influence of money. The remedy, both for our democracy and the planet, is for us all to be better, more responsible and active citizens. I think I’ll start by getting involved with the work of the Alliance for Climate Protection that he mentions herein. It’s not the least I could do, but it’s close enough.

Video here.

Update: The Alliance for Climate Protection’s website now redirects to “We Can Solve It,” a campaign with the ultimate aim to halt global warming.

These TED talks are really outstanding. With their breadth of fascinating topics one runs into a situation like the wikipedia problem. That said, check out the related video of Majora Carter, an MacArthur-winning activist for environmental justice in the South Bronx.