Mom's Judith

The photo of this painting has been altered, so it's not an exact replica.

For my Mom’s birthday, I painted a picture of Judith, the mythical Jewish heroine.  I had this vision one night as I was going to sleep of roughly what you see in the picture; Judith, with Holofernes’ head held high standing on purplish asteroids in outer space.  This is the type of thing I see on a regular basis when I go to sleep.  On rare occasions, it makes enough of an impression to stick with me until the next morning.

I’ve always loved the image of Judith in art.  I first became aware of this theme seeing Hemmesen’s Judith at the Art Institute of Chicago back in my college days.  I found the image to be arresting and, perhaps surprisingly given her “lumpiness”, kind of erotic.  Ever since then I’ve always enjoyed seeing another interpretation on the theme.  I think it was appropriate as a gift for my Mother because she’s been under some stress lately (not quite and invading army, but still) and I think she’ll overcome.  Hopefully the picture is a little reminder of her strength.

I need to work more with acrylics; I still don’t have the hang of it.  I was explaining to William that so many of the minute technical details (controlling the paint’s consistency and physically mixing it, e.g.) still frustrate me.