The exciting news in the midst of the 2008 Summer of Weddings is that yours truly is now gainfully employed.  On September 8th I started working as the Online Content Manager for Freedom from Hunger.  Freedom from Hunger is an international development non-profit with over 60 years of experience finding innovations to eliminate chronic hunger permanently.  Since the late 80s they have pushed forward with their invention of microcredit coupled with health education, reaching over one million women so far.  Credit with Education is a radical way to deliver microcredit alongside lifesaving knowledge and they’ve proven that it has dramatic impacts on the lives of their clients.

What’s even better in my book is that they are continuing to innovate and create new interventions and new models for delivering the powerful information that they’ve developed through the years.  It’s just a hive of incredibly talented and passionate individuals who are working towards this one, frankly audacious, goal of ending world hunger.  It’s awesome in the original sense of the word.  I really have been welcomed with open arms into the organization.  So, either they’re just very warm-hearted people, or I have them thoroughly fooled. (or both)

As Online Content Manager, I get to manage their website and those of their partner organizations.  It’s a new position at Freedom from Hunger and I’m raring to get my hands dirty in all of it.  It’s really a great opportunity to use some of the best emerging web technologies and trends to further a very noble cause.  In a word, I’m stoked.

I’ll be splitting my time between the International Center of Freedom from Hunger in Davis and their new office in San Francisco to start with.  The San Francisco office is a cool little place in the heart of the Financial District. (AKA the FiDi, but, please, don’t call it that).  I’m still figuring out the best approach to commuting to both offices from Emeryville.  That oh-so-exciting story of public transportation derring-do will have to wait for another post, however.

I thought you all might like to know what i was up to.  This doesn’t cover the last few weeks of my life by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a start.  I promise to start making up the backlog in the weeks to come.