I love New Year’s Day.  They always turn out to be pleasant and life-affirming days.  There’s no pressure to go to parties or avoid drunk drivers.  One nurses a gentle hangover with gentle, entertaining activities; watching movies, a nice walk, brunch.  I made myself some breakfast at the house and then went into the City for coffee.  I met up with LL and we sat outside, bundled up against the cold, at Reverie.  Then we went for a good walk at Ocean Beach which was neither too cold nor foggy.  The sun was setting, the sand was dight with pretty pebbles and half-crushed sand dollars.  There was a boat that was mysteriously washed up on shore.  The cushions had all been pulled out of the cabin and the sails were gone, yet some personal property remained inside.  I haven’t found any note of it on the news or interwebs yet.  LL and I sat for a good while on a driftwood log watching the twilight.  I pointed out Venus, which was the only “star” we could see, shining brightly below the crescent moon.  We capped off the day later with a huge bowl of Tom Ka and some curry noodles from the Citrus Club – a delicious comfort on a chilly night.

There was something very soothing about watching the grand expanse of Nature rolling on oblivious to our petty human calendars.  Then, today, I saw this video which is beautiful and conveys that same feeling.

The Sky in Motion

(This should be the “HD” version.  Be sure to scale it to full-screen.)

Happy 2009!