It feels like I’ve been saying goodbye to people for weeks. Only now, with my trip a day away, does it even seem appropriate. I have no idea where I’ll be over the next seven months, but I’m sure to remember everyone who came out to bid me farewell.

I was lucky enough to see former colleagues from FFH in different, but equally pleasant, venues. I saw Sean and Kimberly at the SF International Development meet-up. Kimberly had recently taken over organizing that group which Sean had long been a part of. I thought she was perfect for that, but she has gone and gotten herself a “job” in Washington, DC. (Now she’s doing her own round of good-byes.) Sean quite unhelpfully went on to invite me on another really interesting trip. He’s going to Morocco with wife and friends for hiking in the Atlas and the music festival in Essaouira. You know you’re leading a kickass life when you can turn down something like that without thinking twice – because you’re going on a bigger (I won’t say better) trip!

I was happy to see Hest one last time as well. It was great talking about our situations and meeting his friends over dinner in the City. Sadly, we didn’t connect for another chance to chat. Then, I was invited to lunch by Kim at none other than Chez Panisse. We met ostensibly to discuss the blog that she writes on design, logos, typography and other creative communication tidbits. We had a lovely afternoon together and the advice I gave her on getting some more visibility for the re:design blog seems to be having an effect already. She’s also full of such infectious energy that I couldn’t help but get worked up talking with her about the possibilities for creative outlets on my voyage.

Last Sunday, in the midst of what seemed like an endless succession of farewell dinners, we had a BBQ on Beaudry. It was a combination housewarming, farewell party and celebration of Marion’s new visa to stay in the U.S. I had a great time hanging out with the two groups of friends (who mixed quite well) all afternoon and late into the evening.

After a few more farewell meals, I packed up all of my stuff into my car on Friday and drove down to L.A. It was strange that I was moving out of my apartment after only a few months there – and that was barely a blip on the radar in this section of my life. I mean, I’m about to get on a one-way flight to Israel!

L.A. (or V.N., more specifically) has been a nice mix of shopping for a few final necessities and spending time with my Mom. Yesterday we had a great day with a luncheon for Mother’s Day and my farewell. I drew Mom a card with a self-portrait done with words as shading, sort of sixties-concert-poster style. This was to make up for the lack of reference to her on the large self-portrait with words from my college days that she has framed. Between that and actually showing up to my farewell party this time, I think I’m topped up on brownie points.

I’m certainly maxed out on goodbyes.