We went with Andrew’s frind Avnar to his parents place in Mikhmoret, some 40 km North from Tel Aviv. It is a cool little community, one of the first kibbutzim. Now it’s more a suburban place. Avnar invited us to come out for shabbat dinner.  Avnar drove us up there, pointing out places of interest along the way.  Israel being such a small country, anywhere north of Tel Aviv can be considered “the North”, although technically it probably starts North of Haifa.  

Avnar’s parents, David and Tsipi, were very hospitable and enjoyed speaking English with us.  The whole family is quite cosmopolitan – Avnar studied for years in Italy and David used to live in Los Angeles.  He actually produced the entire run of G.L.O.W.!   Their house is also filled with art that they’ve collected for the last 40 years, so it was a real treat.  

That evening we went to Zikhon to meet up with one of Avnar’s friends, Dani and his gf.  Actually his gf sort of invited herself along, but anyway, it was nice meeting them and walking through the small town’s main street.  It’s known for its wineries, but we just went to the Irish pub there which, with a clever dash of marketing elan, is called “The Irish Pub.”

The next day we had the infamous breakfast at Avnar’s parents’ house.  The whole meal is designed to prevent hunger from setting in for at least a week.  After filling up, we went to the beach there and threw the disk around.  A golden lab fell victim to his chasing instincts and followed each toss of the disk nearly the whole time we were there.  He didn’t even stop when we moved into waist-deep water; he’d dogpaddle a small triangle in the middle of the bigger triangle with the three of us at the vertices.

Avnar grew up there and he recommended that we swim out to some rocks that form the boundary of the natural swimming pool there.  He even knew of this one spot where one can dive off a mammary protuberance that they used to call “booby rock” (in Hebrew, of course).

My Hebrew is coming along nicely; I can now order beer.  I can also answer questions such as, “would you like  a beer?” with a “no” or a “yes”, provided I  actually catch the drift.  I’m mostly around people in the marina who are used to speaking English.  Israelis do seem to get a kick out of my trying to speak a few phrases.  It will be helpful to keep on learning more because two out of the five people on the Atlantic crossing will be native Hebrew speakers.  It’s very difficult picking things up while being illiterate, though.  So, I have to rely on personal tutoring from Andrew.

That night we came back to the marina and had dinner before going out with Avnar again for a late drink. We went out to the Basel street area, which is one of the trendy neighborhoods of TA.  There is much more to relate on trendy neighborhoods and I haven’t even touched on work being done on the boat.  I apologize if these posts seem rather random so far.  I can’t even promise that they will have more “floetry” in the future.  Bear with me.