I have a whole post that I wrote up covering the time between this quick update and the last real post.  Unfortunately the USB port on this computer doesn’t work.  (There’s a dearth of internet cafes in Piraeus, by the way)  We sailed from a beautiful anchorage on an island called Despotika, I think.  We were basically in a little cove with a nice little beach nestled into it.  We had to swim ashore!  Then we stayed at a cute little town  on another island after some brilliant sailing.  The boat hit 8.4 knots which was a record.  The next day we had more great wind and got up to 9 knots!  Also, both days we stayed on one tack for almost the entire sail.  That’s rare when you depend on the wind.  Once we hit the bay of Athens yesterday, though, the wind died almost entirely.  So we motored into the town marina of Aigina island.  Aigina is a cute little town that caters to a lot fo Athenian weekenders, but somehow manages to stay quaint and pleasant. 

Today, July 14, we took a ferry from there to the mainland.  We went to Athens to see the Acropolis.  It was a madhouse of tourists off the cruises ships.  I’ve never been to a famous site and been cheek by jowl in a line/crowd just to see it.  Anyway, we saw the thing and had some lunch and then came back out to the ferry port in Piraeus.  We are going to be crossing the Corinth Canal tomorrow, which is supposed to be a sight in an of itself.  And then Kefallonia and Sicily.  There might not be updates until we get to Kefallonia.  Be patient.

I’m happy and hale.  I think my hair is getting lighter already.