You may be reading all of this and thinking that we are out here alone with the whims of Nature. That’s not entirely true because we have some help. Andrew’s good friend, Adam Troy, has agreed to be our chamalist.  Chamalist is a term Andrew got from the IDF.  It refers to the person who operates the war room while soldiers are out on a mission, dishing out emerging intelligence and generally keeping track of things.  This is what Adam is doing for us, too.  Whenever we need a weather report at sea or need to know what conditions will be like in the coming days, we give Adam a call on the satphone.  He gathers our “intelligence” and gives us the low-down on what we’re going to be facing.  It’s been a great help that can make the difference between anchoring and pressing on.

Adam has done more than weather reports though.  Before we left he researched watermakers (didn’t get),  tracking services (did get) and even private search-and-rescue groups (didn’t get, practically worthless for us).  So, one thing that he did find for us was the excellent SPOT messenger and associated service.  By following this link, which is also on the sidebar, you can track our travels on the boat.  It sends updates every ten minutes.  If you’re wondering why we zigzag so much on those maps, it’s because we’re tacking.  When we go in a straight line, it’s most likely because we’re on the motor.  The different pages on the SPOT site go back further in time.  You can trace our route all the way back to Israel.

So, if you’re one of those people who’s concerned about me, Andrew and/or Tocayo, you can rest a little easier knowing we have our chamalist Adam on the case.  Thanks for your help, Adam.