We’ve arrived in Sicily. It was our first trip without a professional skipper on board since we left Israel. Andrew was all the skipper we needed as we crossed 270 nautical miles of the Ionian Sea from Kefalonia to Siracusa, Sicily. We had amazing weather. We started out with almost no wind by Kefalonia itself, but once we got a ways it picked up. Strangely, the significant swell did not match the wind. In fact, it seemed to come from no particular direction. This made for some rather unpleasant moments, for me especially. I was basically out of commission for most of the trip. I have to thank Andrew and Ben (who wasn’t feeling so hot himself) for stepping up to help out with the shared responsibilities. We had solid wind until the second night and basically stayed on one tack the entire time; a straight shot. You can check out the trip on the SPOT page.

I made a few little videos on my phone. Hopefully you’ll be able to play them. The sound’s not great and the video doesn’t allow you to see Mt. Etna as I did. Still, you get a sense of what it was like. And you get to see my old mug, which should be a treat.

Numero uno