Arriving in Gran Canaria after five weeks in West Africa was like a breath of fresh air. I slept for a bit in the airport because my flight was too short and the hours too small to do anything else useful. I then went south to Puerto Mogan. We had planned on going there to leave the boat while we travelled in West Africa, but were dissuaded by Wes at Puerto Calero. I’m glad we talked to him; the place was a weird tourist enclave tucked into a cove backed by barren mountains.

Later that day I returned to the Telmo neighborhood of Las Palmas. There is a nice little pension there called Pension Perojo on Calle Perojo. Nearby is a little pedestrian area with shops, bars and restaurants. I went out for dinner and then breakfast the next day to very Spanish places. It was awesome being back in a place where everything made sense; the language, the customs, the cleanliness.

After a day and a half there, I flew back to Lanzarote. Another round of Binter Canarias flight attendants with sexy little black gloves and horrid, grating accents in English. Wes picked me up from the airport. I met a girl from Gran Canaria who was going to an ultimate frisbee competition in the next town over, so we gave her a ride. I was blown away that there was a ultimate tourney that weekend.

It was great to be back on the boat. Andrew was still in the U.S., but I got to hang out with the regulars in the marina. I had a great time drinking with the guys (and gal) who worked on the boat on Friday night.

That weekend, J came down from Madrid for a whirlwind visit. It was great seeing her again. We hit up all the restaurants that Puerto Calero has to offer. On Sunday we snuck into the private beach of the nice hotel in Puerto del Carmen and did some swimming. Sadly, sh was only there for about 26 hours and I had to send her off to the airport on Sunday afternoon.

Andrew came back the Tuesday after (the 17th) and we concentrated on tying up all the loose ends on with the boat. We hit up the chandlery, talked to Jan, the electronics guy with a surprisingly funny sarcastic wit, and kept Wes and Clive busy for days. We tested the rigging, had a stanchion welded and re-installed the mainsail with the new reef. We’re set to cross the Atlantic in style now!

We also welcomed Erik, our newest crew member. He’s literally learning the ropes on Tocayo. We’re happy to have him on board as it will make the Crossing safer and more enjoyable. Also, he’s a good enough guy to have around anyway.