We left Lanzarote two days ago. It was hard to leave that little marina that was so welcoming to us. We left on Sunday afternoon, as the ARC was getting under way. We weren’t going quite so far, however. It was a nice little sail of 13 miles to Fuerteventura. We pulled into Corralejo marina where we squeezed ourselves into a small spot only to be told that we had to go elsewhere by the night guard. It was frustrating because this guard, who works for a private security firm, could have signaled to us at any time as we were doing circles, but he didn’t.

We spent one night there and then headed over to Islas de los Lobos. It’s named after the fur seals that used to live there, but now it’s a popular surfing spot. We motored by the surfers catching beautiful waves beneath the volcanic crest of the island. Then we headed further South.

We’ve been in Puerto Castillo for one night already. We had to get some fiberglass and gelcoat work done after we “kissed” the pontoon in Corralejo. The work is being done by Olaf, a happy German with a shock of blond hair and a disturbing tattoo on his calf.

Today, the 24th, we explored the island by car. We headed up to the mirador at Morrovelosa and then went down to Gran Tarajal. The latter is a fishing village that has an even bigger, and better-protected marina.

From Castillo we are going to set off towards Dakhla. It will take about three days to get there, our longest sail so far. After we rest up there we’ll head over to Cabo Verde. That will be another six days at sea. We are well stocked up with groceries and supplies from the Cash and Carry in Lanzarote. I’m looking forward to eating on the boat again. It’s definitely better than the food in West Africa.

We should be stopping at the island of Sal in Cape Verde before skipping over to Sao Vicente by way of the other islands in the chain there. We’ll leave Cape Verde from Marina Mindelo to make our crossing of the Atlantic. That will be about the beginning of December, assuming all goes well in the meantime.

If you’re interested, you can follow our progress at the link on the right. I may or may not be able to update the blog again before I get across. We know that there are a lot of people out there thinking of us. Trust that we will be sustained by that and thinking of you in those long, blue-horizoned hours.