originally published by text message
Arrived to Dakhla from Fuerteventura today- tied 4 longest number of days @ sea with our 1st leg from Israel. Great, steady winds and following seas meant we had to actually slow down so as not to arrive at night. We did that by reefing the main and heaving-to at one point. Sailed wing-on-wing for hours at a time which was both beautiful and very comfortable. The boat is nice and steady like that and there’s less pressur on the rig. Our new spinnaker pole showed itsworth mant times over by keeping the jib out during the w-on-w. We easily set a record for most time on sails alone, well over 24 hours!

Our new crew member, Erik, is doing nicely. It’s a relief to have him aboard because it makes the shifts at night and all of the rest of the work easier.

Officials here came on board after we tied up to a sketchy concrete wall in this industrial fishing harbor. We had been anchored out, but they came to get us in a zodiac just as I was taking a shower on the transom. No marina here, folks. They were all very nice and we were soon joking with them. We’re the most excitement they’ve seen in a long time, I imagine.

Came into Dakhla today (Sunday). A dusty, mostly concrete-block town, but very cool in that it’s here on the edge of nowhere. but they have croissants!

We leave soon for Noudibhor and then Cape Verde. If these winds continue as they have -steady and unabating at night- we should have another terrific sail out there.