Here are a little series of videos that I recorded on my phone during the Atlantic crossing.  A couple of things I should note:

  1. There is some very annoying sound interference from the wind blowing on the phone’s microphone.  I’m sorry for that.  If you crank it (NappropriateFW) you can make out at least half of what I’m saying.
  2. The commentary isn’t all that interesting, especially after reading the full post below.
  3. My beard looks like a furry brillo pad because I hadn’t shaved since leaving the Canary Islands on November 22nd.  I was glad to shave it clean when I made it to land.  I thought Andrew was going to be with me in the not shaving stint, but his whiskers bothered him so much he couldn’t sleep.  He shaved about a week into the crossing.
  4. You may have trouble playing the videos.  On my machine, some media playing programs only play the audio track.  This might be a codec problem, but I’m not sure how to solve it.

Video one, 12/25

Video two, 12/29

Video three, 12/31

Video four, 01/03/10