I saw the President give his State of the Union address earlier this week, but I wasn’t too impressed.  The most notable part of the address was the style of it; it was not only self-assured, but full of humor.  There were several times when I cringed a little wondering if Obama was being a little too casual in cracking jokes.  By the end,  I thought he managed to walk that fine line between levity and gravity.

He sounded very centrist and pragmatic in the policy that he outlined.  He mentioned cutting taxes maybe half a dozen times, not a particularly Democratic issue.   Sadly, but predictably, the Republicans couldn’t even applaud these mentions.  Aren’t they the party that wants lower taxes?  Of course, they are, but they can’t support tax cuts when they come from the other side.  It’s symptomatic of the modern political scene where politicking supersedes policymaking.

This was exactly the message that Obama took to the Republicans themselves a few days after the State of the Union.  In an unprecedented live speech and question and answer session, Obama spoke to a gathering of House Republicans.  And, I’m not sure if there’s another way to say  this, he gave them the smack down.  The Republicans had obviously thought they would be able tear him apart like a pack of wolves under the weight of their numbers and loaded questions.  Barry took them on like one of the Musketeers taking on a gang of drunken highwaymen.

The Republicans didn’t know what they were up against; an erudite, articulate, and extremely well-informed President.  I guess they forgot that the presidency is supposed to be held by someone like that.  The Republicans must be kicking themselves for letting the proceedings be televised.

The video below is the entire meeting, but follow this link to be able to click through the highlights. (The phrases below the video fast forward to the salient moments)