Zero Rupee Note in Hindi from 5th PillarFor people in many developing countries around the world, corruption is part of daily life.  This situation can be inordinately troubling for poor people who have the most need for public services and the least amount of money to pay for graft.  Now, an NGO called 5th Pillar has given Indians a way to fight the often crippling roadblock of corruption; the zero rupee note.

When faced with an official who demands a bribe to provide services that should be free, Indians can now pay them just what they deserve.  The zero rupee note not only shames the corrupt officials, it also demonstrates, in a very powerful way, the resistance of ordinary people to the status quo.

5th Pillar is now trying to spread the idea to other countries where corruption is a problem.  Check out their Zero Currencies of the world to download a zero note in your local currency.  The zero dollar bill is kind of cool- and the exchange rate with the euro is so much better than the higher denomination notes.

(found via Mefi)