No, it’s not a new store coming soon to a mall near you.  “Things demolished” is the answer to, “What was the neatest thing you saw today?”

First there was this bite-sized morsel of destruction: the LORAN station in Port Clarence, Alaska (on Yahoo) (on YouTube )  Both videos (they are from different perspectives) were made by the U.S. Coast Guard which demolished the structures.  LORAN was an aid to navigation for vessels at sea that used radio waves to determine position. It is essentially obsolete in the era of GPS and other satellite-based communication (although some argue that it should be kept around as a fallback), so the U.S. has decided to discontinue the signal.   The system depended upon these terrestrial towers which were built high in order to provide better coverage.  This LORAN station was actually the tallest structure in Alaska before they brought it down.

I love the last bit in the video on Yahoo! where the top of the mast comes flying towards the camera.  It feels like watching a CGI-laden movie where the hero narrowly escapes some cataclysmic explosion.  Except, of course, that it’s real and the viewer is in the perspective of the hero.

The second bit of demolition fun today comes from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  The evil good folks at Kraft decided to sponsor the apparently beloved stadium’s demolition.  As part of the whole hoopla and nonsense of making a promotion out of what is essentially a colossal waste of resources, they had a camera installed where the 50-yard line used to be.  So, you can watch the demolition from inside with a 360°, controllable view of the action. There’s even more of a “stuff is falling at me” feeling to this one, plus the ability to shift your gaze is really cool.