A post on Metafilter lead me to an excellent article with fascinating photos about the power of gobar gas as a holistic boon for the bottom of the pyramid.

I’ll ruin the rhetorical surprise of the article here by saying that gobar gas is methane produced from excrement by biodigesters.  After reading about the low-cost natural gas and fertilizer producing units, I wanted one for my backyard.  I suppose there would be mountains of sanitation and building code obstacles to overcome in installing a system like this in American homes, especially since even greywater recycling is prohibited in most places.  Imagine, though, if homes could be producing both natural gas and soil-enriching slurry on a large scale.  A small portion of the individual building’s energy needs could be met, but the vast amounts of energy used for sewage treatment could be greatly decreased; on top of eliminating the risk of environmental contamination from sewage.

Sadly, I think we will have to wait a very long time before this becomes a reality in the U.S. I certainly hope that someone realizes much sooner the incredible potential for this technology in places like Afghanistan.