On Wednesday, I was busy watering and weeding in my front lawn when I made an interesting discovery. In the bushes near the house I found a stack of cards, with a California driver’s license prominently on top. Not exactly a severed ear, but it’s still a strange thing to find.
The stack of cards turned out to contain two licenses from one individual and two other licenses for two different people. It also had a credit card, several phone cards and store gift cards and a bank book. It seemed pretty obvious that an identity thief had ditched his ill-gotten goods in my front yard.
I called the police and, after being transferred from the general number to my local station and back again, I was told I had to deliver it to the local station. So, I drove it over there and dropped it off. They took my information (narrowly avoiding mixing my ID up with those I handed in) and started filing a report. The officer at first had me wait, but then said I could just go home and they would mail me a receipt.
I was surprised that they didn’t care to come pick it up and see it in situ. I also thought they might want to check for fingerprints, but the officer I gave it to put her fingers all over. I realize that I’m biased by being involved so closely in this case, but then again they do have a special “Identity Theft Supplemental” form. It’s not entirely off the radar for them. And the calls that the other officers at the desk were spending extensive amounts of time on sounded like they weren’t even crime-related.