I’m blessed to live in sunny California where the growing season is long, space is plentiful and the weather mild.  If I want to grow herbs or vegetables, I can find a suitable plot of ground or spot on the patio to plant. For those less fortunate, there’s now a cheap, environmentally friendly option for growing an indoor garden.

They are called WindowFarms and they are the result of an open design process. WindowFarms recycle plastic bottles to make hanging plant containers which, along with some other odds and ends, become a hydroponic window garden.  Check out the video on the home page for a great introduction.  (How can you resist someone who is that incredibly happy in the summer farmer’s market season?)

One can buy a do-it-yourself kit or a fully assembled set-up on their site. There are also add-ons for expanding an already installed windowfarm. In New York, they will even do a full installation.

I think making year-round gardening accessible in the inner city is a commendable effort for creating a more sustainable urban future. I also love the innovative, collaborative approach to the design of the WindowFarm. If you’re not interested in installing a WindowFarm, but want to support them, check out the opportunities on their Contribute page.