Does the world need a good kick in the pants?

The makers of the original Girl Effect video have produced another. It’s the same slickly produced, typography-heavy animation used to send a simple, yet powerful message; improving the lives of girls under 12 is the best strategy for helping the developing world. The girl effect is “the unique potential of 600 million adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.”This video is a little more complex in terms of the action, the fact that there are characters, and how they elaborate on the ramifications of reaching these girls. I think it maintains a good deal of the impact, though, by sticking with its pared-down aesthetic and high contrast, kinetic typography.

There are three ways to get involved, donating, sharing the video and learning more. (That is, if you aren’t an international development professional or media person) Your contribution goes to these programs which include well-respected microfinance institutions and other programs all over the world. You can also spread the video on Twitter, Facebook or by email. They have an impressive numbers of followers, “like”-ers and YouTube views, but they could always use some more vectors for their viral spread.