Microcredit pioneer and Nobel Peace Laureate (no EGOT yet) Muhammad Yunus is currently fighting his attempted ouster as head of Grameen Bank by the Bangladeshi government. The government claims that Prof. Yunus is over the retirement age and was improperly appointed as Grameen’s Managing Director. Prof. Yunus created the bank, which shared in his 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, with the legions of female entrepreneurs who had been served by microcredit.

This attack on Prof. Yunus is strictly political; the culmination of a campaign by the government, which holds a 25% stake in Grameen, against the microcredit visionary. Prof. Yunus has criticized the Bangladeshi government, formed his own political party, and carried out social engineering programs through the Grameen Bank’s borrowing and solidarity groups. So, it’s clear why he would be targeted for removal by the government- he is a gadfly to them.

You can help support Prof. Yunus by joining this Facebook group, and signing onto petitions to President Obama and to the Bangladeshi government and PM.

As I wrote about International Women’s Day and mentioned Nick Kristoff, you can also check out his blog post which questions whether women leaders are always better for the women they govern. Kristoff uses PM Sheikh Hasina as a prime of example of a female leader working against the interests of the women in her country. I think he sums it up nicely when he says, “It’s astonishing – and so disappointing – to see a woman prime minister who does nothing for her country’s women go after a man who has devoted his life to helping the neediest women.”