Facebook just released a Best Practice Guide  to marketing on Facebook. Most of the information that they go over is directed at commercial brands, but the five key principles are equally applicable to the nonprofit sphere. The principles also apply across the social media landscape. Naturally, Facebook is pushing the use of Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories in this guide. It should go without saying that they have a vested interest in doing so. So, take that part of the advice with a grain of salt.

There are some choice quotes sprinkled throughout:

“Think of your Facebook Page as a key touch point that you can leverage to bring your brand to life for your customers in real time.”

“Facebook is fundamentally about relationships.”

(As if there were anything but relationships)

The most important ideas are encapsulated in these five principles that Facebook outlines:

  1. Build a strategy that is social by design
  2. Create an authentic brand voice
  3. Make it interactive
  4. Nurture your relationships
  5. Keep learning

Come to think of it, most of those lessons apply to life in general as well.