Jeanne after her triumphal return to Cape Town

Jeanne after her triumphal return to Cape Town Photo credit: Nereida

My friend Jeanne Socrates, whom I met in the Canary Islands as she was about to depart for this trip, has just completed a solo circumnavigation of the world. Jeanne is a remarkable sailor who, at 67 years old, attempted to do this circumnavigation non-stop before being waylaid by insurmountable problems. Mysterious malfunctions of her engine forced her into Cape Town, where she ended up spending three months getting things fixed. She set off from Cape Town, stopped in New Zealand, then Hawaii before making it across to Victoria, B.C. From Victoria, she planned on trying for another non-stop circumnavigation, but she suffered a knock-down in a storm off of Cape Horn. The damage done by this incident forced her to stop once again in Ushuaia to effect what repairs she could.

After two months of dealing with Chilean customs officials, nonexistent marine services and choppy waters in the marina, Jeanne set off again. On Wednesday, May 11, Jeanne arrived safely in Cape Town, completing her first official solo circumnavigation. It took her 17 months and required a few stops, but she has, at long last, completed an official round-the-world trip.

So, congratulations to her!

Here is the email she sent out to her followers and supporters. I urge you to join me in supporting her cause in recognition of the remarkable feat she has accomplished.

Greetings from Cape Town …. as we relax and wind down!  

A small request from me to you…..

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They provide free specialized nurses to provide care in the home to enable people to spend their last days with friends and family in their familiar surroundings, rather than in a hospital or hospice.

Many, many thanks for sponsoring my efforts by contributing, should you feel so inclined and are able to do so….

Kind regards,

RCYC, Cape Town