A long time ago, I saw my first example of the sort of knife block pictured below.

Recently, I have been looking at items to put on a gift registry. I found a similar type of knife block, the Kapoosh universal knife block, at BB&B. The problem with that one, as someone noted in a comment section somewhere, being that the fibers or support pieces are plastic. The knives sometimes catch on them causing slivers to peel off. It’s the knife block equivalent of split ends. What’s more, you can’t even replace those fibers or rods in the Kapoosh version.

I was thinking about how I could use an ordinary cardboard box to make one of these blocks when I had an epiphany. Pasta. It’s cheap, durable, easy to replace, and doesn’t sliver. If a knife gets caught on the side of a dry piece of spaghetti, it’s just going to break the spaghetti. Which shouldn’t be a problem as long as all the pieces remain upright.

So, I went out and bought about ten pounds of spaghetti and dumped it into an old box wine box with the top cut off. Voila!

You could paper the sides of the box to add your own design to it. You could also either find a box the same length as the spaghetti, or cut it all to a uniform length once it is in the box. You would think I wouldn’t be lazy about this given that the equipment to do it (knives) is right there, but I’m not sure on the marginal return on that. It looks good enough and works perfectly. Why futz with it?