In an article titled “Dear Internet, this is why we can’t have nice things” Helen Lewis describes the shocking, sexist backlash that Anita Sarkeesian was subjected to upon putting her Video Game Tropes concept on Kickstarter. Sarkessian’s project is to cover tropes of female characters in video games. This series was a simple examination of how female video game characters are stereotyped. In my opinion, that’s not even that interesting of a comment or project. It’s worthwhile to bring attention to the matter, but it seems like territory that’s been covered before. Apparently her outrageous affront invoked the ire of internet trolls. The article points to 4chan as the mob’s origin, but presumably it is some faction of the “men’s rights” mouth-breathers that plague reddit and Fark and other corners of the internet.

They harassed, intimidated and slandered Sarkessian in the most base and vulgar ways possible for her proposal. I’m not glossing over them; Lewis’ article describes many of the insults and comments she received. Sarkessian has purposefully left the comments on her YouTube channel for others to see.

Of course, this is some truly shitty behavior by people on the internet.

On the other hand, Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter concept was funded at almost 200% of what she asked for. So, there are a lot of people on the internet who are not reprehensible, too. It’s unfortunate that the trolls have an inordinate ability to disrupt, insult and otherwise fuck things up for the rest of us.

As a shining recent example of a not-reprehensible person, I present GrĂ©goire Dupond who has put together a really interesting animation of Giambattista Pirensi‘s series of imagined, almost surreal prisons, Carceri d’invenzione. The film turns Pirensi’s fever dreams of vast, subterranean and deeply ominous structures into three-dimensional space through which the camera moves.

So, maybe we can have nice things after all.