Maya thinks I should start another blog called “Game of Homes” that ties together our current house hunt with Game of Thrones themes.

There’s certainly a number of connections to be made there. The control of territory, amassing of wealth, safety, the hearth and home of a family are all themes present in Martin’s books and house hunting. Which is not to ignore the whole convention of referring to House Barratheon, House Stark, etc.

Maybe I could tell my real estate agent that I want to live somewhere like the Eyrie, the seat of House Arryn. What does that map out to in the East Bay? The Richmond hills where I could survey the common lowlanders from my isolated, but nearly impregnable, redoubt? Is San Francisco King’s Landing, or more like Casterly Rock?

Wait, Casterly Rock is obviously Marin, where the moneyed gentry live.

I initially laughed this off, but, on second thought, there’s something to it. I’ll have to start looking for a nice little keep in the river lands between Temescal and Sausal Creek. Or even the never-heard-from, barely referenced, out-of-the-way and boringly suburban Arbor Alameda.

In the Game of Homes, you rent…or you buy.