On June 5th, the internet is fighting back against mass surveillance. This blog and a whole heck of a lot of other sites will be replaced by banner images helping to spread the word about internet privacy.

There are concrete and not-difficult steps that we can all take to make illegal snooping by the NSA and others much more unlikely. Check out the Reset the Net campaign’s Privacy Pack page for ways to protect your phone, your passwords and your home computer from privacy threats.

This is a battle that has just begun. It started when we all heard the Snowden revelations about the vast, illegal intelligence gathering being done by the NSA. It has only continued as Congress has failed to act on protecting our civil liberties – or keeping control of our internet out of the hands of corporations. June 5th marks the opening salvo in the citizens’ fight against these travesties. Go to Reset the Net to find out how you too can participate from the front lines.