I have been deeply impressed by Obama’s actions since winning the election.  He has made confident strides towards forming an exemplary government and enacting his campaign platform – while at the same time emphasizing that he won’t be able to deliver on all his promises.  The honesty of his position and the open, participatory manner in which he is going about the transition process is a very welcome sign for the coming era of American politics.  I understand that pulling back on campaign promises is a move that will help him later on when the election momentum has faded and people start looking for results.  I can’t help but admire it, though, as a sign of his rationality.  That our incoming President seems to believe that logic and intellect are essential to manning the tiller of the ship of state is a welcome relief after the rising tide of fundamentalism and anti-intellectualism this country has seen.

I know, too, that there are lingering questions about the financing of Obama’s campaign, especially all of the internet donations.  Still, to see the open and inviting Change.gov is a very hopeful omen of the possibilities for participatory and, I don’t know, even democratic government in the 21st century.

I also can’t help but feel that there is a world of difference between how President-elect Obama is handling the transition and the selection of cabinet members and the way a Republican would have handled it.  I have the feeling that there would be a lot more consideration of favors and relationships for a Republican cabinet.  In fact, there would probably be much more back slapping and immediate resting on the laurels of the election had the other candidate won.  Mr. Obama has moved into the transition phase with the same cool, reasoned determination that made his campaign the beautiful machine that it was.  I continue to be delighted with the choice that my fellow citizens have made.